Soccer in Italy


Soccer is the most passionate sport in Italy. The Italians truly love the game over any sport. They love football as a lot because they love wine. Individuals in Italy are very loyal to their football team.

One of the best leagues in Italy will be the Serie A, that is called “calcio” in Italian language. It was then officially named the Serie A TIM because it was sponsored by an Italian telecommunications business using the initials from the TIM. The league consists of 20 teams. Teams are either in the Serie A, Serie B, or Serie C where a means that they have topped the rank and C is the least rank. Inter have usually insisted on his Serie A ranks in numerous years.

ItalianSoccerBallIn Italy, soccer games scheduled from August to May. During football season, collect millions of Italians fans about the stadium to cheer their preferred teams. Almost all television networks covering the live telecast of the tournament.

One from the national team in Italy will be the “Azzurri Blues” wear blue as their uniforms. The team has won throughout the 2006 World Cup held in Germany. Using the up coming 2010 Globe Cup to be held in Africa, the group will be defending their title.

So in the event you occur to become in Italy to determine football played, be sure to be with the Italian fan’s page and experience the trills. Italians are dammed serious about supporting their teams, and you do not want to anger their fans.

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